We are thrilled to announce that World War Toons is going to be free to play when it releases later this year. We spent months discussing both the pros and cons of going free to play, but there were two primary reasons that we decided on this model:

First, we’re making a game that’s fun for everybody. We want everyone (with or without a VR system) to get the game in their hands and enjoy new content as it releases — everything from characters to maps to tanks, you name it. World War Toons is going to grow into a goliath of an FPS, and we want everybody to join in the fun.

Second, we plan on taking World War Toons all over the world. The VR market is not only exploding in the United States, but in Europe, Asia, and beyond, and the free to play model provides the best way to make sure this entire community can grow together. This means there will be a match ready and waiting for you no matter what time it is.

Now we know that many of you will initially be concerned that this means Pay to Win, but we want to assure you that this won’t be the case in World War Toons. We are performing extensive research and play testing to ensure that there will be lots of different ways to play the game, but it will always be a level playing field for all types of players.

At this point we’re not talking in-depth details about the Free to Play system in World War Toons, but be sure to join our forums and watch our streams at twitch.tv/worldwartoons to keep up with the latest World War Toons news. Thanks everyone, and stay tooned!.

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