Reload’s OFFICIAL teaser video is live!





LOS ANGELES, CA (November 5, 2014) — Video game developer Reload Studios launched an official teaser video for their upcoming project today.  The footage showcases a bit of what can be expected from the former Call of Duty developers’ first independent project.

“It’s still very early in the development process but we’ve accomplished a great deal since our studio’s inception so we thought we’d share a little hint of what we’re doing… what we’re about.” said Pete Blumel, Reload’s executive producer.

Founded in July of this year, Reload’s goal is to maintain an intimate, cohesive culture that fosters collaboration and innovation while retaining the core tenets of AAA execution.  The studio’s 15 staffers are hard at work producing accessible, engaging titles for virtual reality as well as traditional gaming platforms.


For more information on Reload Studios, please visit:


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One Response to Reload’s OFFICIAL teaser video is live!

  1. MrAbdq says:

    Dear lovers,

    It’s sound cool & interesting news & I hope you will succsess with your first game.

    There are many people ( old school ) like me want traditional COD,but they don’t play the game anymore cuz it’s not fun and not interesting like before.

    They are waiting to play something like MW/MW2 but the problem there is no game like them anymore.

    We ( old school players ) are waiting for respawn entertainment to play there first game but they fail because it is not like what we expected which is modern compat realistic FPS.

    The problem or the gaps In Titanfall game are:

    1- no single mode.
    2- co-op mode ( they add it later) which is too late.
    3- multiplayer : less weapons, less perk, not tradition multiplayer, no kill streaks, etc…
    4- the game was lunched to early ( not completed ) and they are completing it with update & DLC’s.

    I hope you are learning with others mistakes

    So, when I saw the news about your company in Twitter I was very happy about it and your game detail, because its matching with my me expectation and so many others like me waiting something like this tipe of game.

    Good luck & best regards

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