Axis and Allies and… flying tanks? Oh my!

Change infantry classes on the fly as you battle for supremacy as either the cunning Officer, the stalwart Soldier or the rocket-launching Heavy. Each infantry class will augment your tank class in unique ways so pick a tank that best suits your play style in the battlefield. Will it be something monstrous like the Tiger or the more agile Sherman Firefly?


Designed for VR!

From its very inception, World War Toons has been developed to take advantage of the amazing presence and immersion that only emerging virtual reality hardware can deliver. No VR? No problem. We’re also shipping a non-VR version. Platforms to be announced soon!

  • AAA meets Hollywood!

Our team of veteran game developers has united with the feature animation industry’s most experienced creative artists to bring a unique set of highly stylized characters and environments to World War Toons.

World War Toons Trailer

All footage was created using pre-alpha in-game assets

World War Toons Screenshots

All screenshots are pre-alpha game assets in Unreal Engine 4. More screenshots coming soon!

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