We are thrilled to announce that World War Toons is going to be free to play when it releases later this year. We spent months discussing both the pros and cons of going free to play, but there were two primary reasons that we decided on this model: First, we’re making a game that’s fun for everybody. We want everyone (with or without a VR system) to get the game

Los Angeles, CA (November 23, 2015) – Reload Studios is proud to announce the launch of Rascali, a new VR lab division focused exclusively on content development and client services.  Breaking away from the gaming industry, the team plans to expand into entertainment, education, government, and other areas in the VR landscape. The first project completed by Rascali, titled WoofbertVR, launched on November 17th in the Oculus store.  Representing a

Reload Studios is proud to announce the launch of a new VR lab division focused exclusively on client services and content development. Joining the team are Phillip Moses and Michael Jeong. Moses, the founder of The Resistance VFX, is heading up the division’s business development and client relations. With over 15 years in the visual effects industry, he has worked on commercials, television, independent features, and top studio blockbuster films

From bright red trusses to rotating logos, the Reload Studios booth definitely stood tall at this year’s VRLA Summer Expo. Attendees took notice and not even our 8 demo stations, which were provided by AMD, could hold back the line of attendees eagerly waiting to get their hands on World War Toons. We were thrilled to give over 500 demos and received an enormous amount of positive feedback. Some even

Reload Studios is proud to announce that we have been teamed up with AMD to showcase the latest version of World War Toons at the VRLA summer expo. Utilizing AMD graphics cards, attendees will have the opportunity to duke it out in the illustrious Moulin Rouge at one of our 8 demo booths. Additionally, players will be able to use our ride-able rocket, radioactive waste, and piano drop power-ups to

Reload Studios is proud to announce that we will be attending Siggraph 2015. Epic Games has sponsored Indie Mix and has invited World War Toons to be featured there utilizing the Oculus Rift. Attendees will be able to play a hands-on demo battling it out in a war-torn version of Moulin Rouge in addition to meeting many of the developers behind the game. Siggraph will be taking place in the

Reload Studio’s CEO James Chung was honored to be a speaker at the SoCal VR convention in their “Immersive Gaming Experiences” panel. A wide range of topics was discussed including company funding, design choices, and VR in arcades. James was happy to discuss World War Toons while giving his perspective and insight into the industry. One topic under discussion was the best practices guide of Oculus, which describe the Do’s and

Last week World War Toons took E3 by storm releasing our very first gameplay trailer, offering our first public demo, and appearing during the Sony E3 Press Conference. We also got to show World War Toons utilizing the newly-unveiled consumer version of the Oculus at the PC Gaming Show. Quite a week for an independent game company that’s just over a year old. After months of hard work from our animation team,

  We at Reload Studios are proud to announce that the first gameplay trailer for World War Toons has been released. Combined with our updated Press Kit, we’re celebrating E3 by giving an an inside look to our fantastic game. Additionally, we recently published our Facebook and Twitter pages. This will keep you up to date and give you access to our latest screenshots, videos, and livestreams. Stay tooned because we’re just getting

RELOAD STUDIOS RECEIVES INVESTMENT FROM WORLD INNOVATION LAB   LOS ANGELES, CA (June 2, 2015) — Reload Studios, the developer behind the world’s first online multiplayer shooter for Virtual Reality (VR) platforms, announced that it has received a $2M investment from World Innovation Lab (WiL), a technology investment firm based in both Silicon Valley and Tokyo. Officially launched in July 2014, Reload Studios is led by former Call of Duty