Last week World War Toons took E3 by storm releasing our very first gameplay trailer, offering our first public demo, and appearing during the Sony E3 Press Conference. We also got to show World War Toons utilizing the newly-unveiled consumer version of the Oculus at the PC Gaming Show. Quite a week for an independent game company that’s just over a year old. After months of hard work from our animation team,

  We at Reload Studios are proud to announce that the first gameplay trailer for World War Toons has been released. Combined with our updated Press Kit, we’re celebrating E3 by giving an an inside look to our fantastic game. Additionally, we recently published our Facebook and Twitter pages. This will keep you up to date and give you access to our latest screenshots, videos, and livestreams. Stay tooned because we’re just getting

RELOAD STUDIOS RECEIVES INVESTMENT FROM WORLD INNOVATION LAB   LOS ANGELES, CA (June 2, 2015) — Reload Studios, the developer behind the world’s first online multiplayer shooter for Virtual Reality (VR) platforms, announced that it has received a $2M investment from World Innovation Lab (WiL), a technology investment firm based in both Silicon Valley and Tokyo. Officially launched in July 2014, Reload Studios is led by former Call of Duty