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Reload Studios is

An independent game development studio formed by the talented developers that led the creation and production of some of the best selling video games in the world. Reload is developing content to entertain an ever expanding audience for emerging Virtual Reality and existing game platforms.

VR Games

We believe in embracing emerging technology and finding new ways to make and play games.

First Person Experiences

We love immersion and the idea of using VR to put audiences in exciting, memorable places and events.

Game Designers

We are based on a foundation of proven AAA game design practices from gameplay to art & animation.

Creators of Worlds

We bring to fruition the kind of rich, vibrant worlds that we’ve always wanted to play in.

Introduction of VR

Reload is at the forefront of the VR revolution, actively engaging and experimenting with virtual reality hardware in every facet. We’ve made great strides in creating content that best leverages the capabilities of emerging headsets and hardware.

Reload Studios News

Current Project – World War Toons

A humorous first person shooter and tank combat game set in a whimsical, toon inspired world sure to bring smiles to all those that play.

World War Toons Trailers

All screenshots are pre-alpha game assets in Unreal Engine 4

World WarToona


Meet the team

Each core team member brings an unparalleled degree of video game and film industry experience that span some of the industry’s most prolific properties of the last two decades.


We’re a small studio with big ideas and a truly collaborative work environment. If you love games as much as we do, check out our current openings!

UI Artist

Reload Studios | Los Angeles (Greater Los Angeles Area)

Job Description

Reload Studios is seeking an exceptional UI Artist to join our team.  The right candidate will be passionate about experimenting with different styles and excited to learn the nuances of designing screens for virtual reality.  World War Toons is a completely new IP coming out of a small studio culture, so you will have the chance to completely define the user interface style for in game content, in-game stores, menu screens, character selection screens, and much more.  You should be well versed in traditional 2D screen design but ideally have experience in animation and effects.


• Work with Game Design teams to create Art Assets for VR and non-VR screens within game.
• Create Animation Effects for adding visual polish to User Interactions (ie; explosions on opening a crate, spotlight/stars behind level up announcements).
• Work Independently and come up with multiple variations on designs.  Be a leader and take initiative!
• Technical problem solving.
• Interface with Game Design and Programmers for best ways to produce assets and integrate them within the game.


• Portfolio of game-related UI projects featuring top quality art.
• Experience creating animations importable to Unreal Game Engine.
• Solid portfolio of traditional 2D Art (sketches and drawing examples are a plus).
• 3D knowledge is a plus but not required.
• Prefer someone with shipped console game experience.

Contact: [email protected]

Company Description

Reload Studios is an independent game studio developing content for emerging virtual reality and existing video game platforms.

Senior Designer

Reload Studios | Los Angeles (Greater Los Angeles Area)

Reload Studios is seeking a sharp, creative Senior Designer to create awesome gameplay experiences in a collaborative, agile environment.


· 3+ years of experience as a designer / scripter shipping at least one game or substantial modding work.
· Experience working with a 3D game engine to create, design and implement compelling gameplay.
· Extensive knowledge of game balancing, multiplayer design, and player choice.


· Preferred experience with Unreal Engine 4
· Preferred experience with VR
· Experience coding in an Object Orient Language ( C, C++, C#, Java, … etc )
· Strong verbal and written skills with ability to ‘sell the room’ on game design proposals and initiatives.
· Proactive team player able to recognize the importance of collaborative efforts.
· Offer advice and suggestions for improving the game and development processes.
· Unbridled passion for all types of games with a distinct ability to break down and articulate what does and doesn’t work in game design and execution.
· Accustomed to rapid iteration.

Contact: [email protected]

Company Description

Reload Studios is an independent game studio developing content for emerging virtual reality and existing video game platforms.

“Our goal is to make something fun and accessible for everyone“

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